New book almost finished!

I can't wait to get the first copy hot off the press!

I can’t wait to get the first copy hot off the press!

Get Prayer and Get It All is written, edited, proofread, and being designed this week. I can’t believe I’ll have my first copy hot off the press before all the autumn leaves turn colors.

It’s been humbling to read the endorsements that have been coming in for my book. I almost am tempted to ask, “Which book are you talking about?”

Here are two brief excerpts from the Foreword:

I am excited to be a part of any solid book about prayer, but Get Prayer and Get It All actually got me more excited about prayer than I’ve been for a long time. It rang true to three areas of passion for me that I think are very important to our faith: wanting ALL of God is the driving force of my faith; understanding my relationship with my FATHER in heaven and on earth is the key to our culture, our church, and my personal walk; and needing God desperately, and knowing that’s right where He wants me, is my daily focus. Rick Padgett touched my heart with deep truths that we all need to know.

I particularly responded to Get Prayer and Get It All because—as I continue to learn more about prayer on my journey as a Producer and a Christian in Hollywood—I appreciate books that go right to the core of the issue. If we are not completely sold out to God, if we don’t need Him desperately, if we don’t put Him above all else, then we are missing out on the abundant life that God promises us as His followers. And I believe the only way to experience that is through prayer…

As you read this devotional, I urge you to embrace God’s ALL. You may not know it yet, but all of us need Him desperately. Only then can He do miraculous works in our life—when we seek Him, depend on Him, and get out of the way. So, my prayer for you, as the reader of this book, is to turn to prayer and get God’s ALL!

Karen Covell
Founding Director
Hollywood Prayer Network