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get-prayer-and-get-it-all-book-coverWhen you think of “getting prayer” do you picture time on your knees in a religious exercise? Do you shrink back from discomfort at the touchy-feely concept of intimacy? Do you squirm at the first sight of conflict? If so, this book is for you—the everyday Christian overwhelmed by schedules, complicated relationships, and the added guilt of never praying “enough.” Get Prayer and Get It All is a simple book, revealing simple yet profound truths about how to make a life of prayer, and God’s rich blessings, your everyday reality. How wonderful that God is ready to meet you today, right where you are, and provide for you— even in your whispers of desperation.

Get Prayer and Get It All will teach you…

• Two single-word prayers that are powerful and effective
• How to respond to God’s love and desire for intimacy
• How prayer and the first commandment (“love God”) work together
• How conflict and intimacy surrounded Jesus and how He responded
• How to have real conversations with God—anytime, anywhere
• Key Scriptures to transform your daily prayer experience
• What happens when you use prayer and the Scriptures together
• How to stand in prayer when forces come against you

Table of Contents for Get Prayer and Get It All

Foreword by Karen Covell, Hollywood Prayer Network
Chapter 1—Get Prayer and Get It All
Chapter 2—Get Prayer and Get the First Commandment
Chapter 3—Get Prayer and Get the Son
Chapter 4—Get Prayer and Get the Father
Chapter 5—Get Prayer and Get the Spirit
Chapter 6—Get Prayer and Get Desperation
Chapter 7—Get Prayer and Get Your Answer
Chapter 8—Get Prayer and Get the Word
Chapter 9—Get Prayer and Get Vision
Chapter 10—Get Prayer and Get Your Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 11—Get Prayer and Get the Lost
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