Westgate Ministries

About Westgate Ministries:

Westgate Ministries is the result of a journey that began in 2003. We never intended to start a ministry, but along the way we discovered a model we wanted to share. In our beginnings a small handful of people came looking for a meaningful experience of intimacy—both with each other and God. We were a group of minimalists, meeting once a week to dialogue, read, and pray together. I became the official recorder of our meetings, jotting down ideas, Scripture, and important Biblical insights. After a few months our numbers began to swell. Many people visited for a season and moved on, but a few persisted in the journey. We never added to our strategy because it produced results in believers’ lives. By listening to one another, searching the Scriptures and turning our aspirations and questions into prayer, we experienced a profound oneness with each other and God. That experience fueled our hopes. For 10 years now the work continues. Our lives have now become intertwined. Our simple practice of intimacy is a life-giving process that makes it impossible to consider another way. We are growing together, leaving our isolated existence in the past. A board came together and formed Westgate Ministries to share the principles, practices and experiences that have become important to our lives.

Our Doctrine:

  • We believe in One God, the Creator of all things, who exists outside the limits of time and the created order.
  • We believe that God exists in three distinct persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, yet indivisible in their existence and union.
  • We believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, that through the virgin birth He entered human history as both a man and yet retained His divine nature.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ, through His perfect life, sacrificial death and resurrection conquered sin and death making a singular way for mankind to be reconciled to God by faith in Him.
  • We believe that human history will consummate in the literal and certain return of Jesus Christ to reign with His people forever.
  • We believe that the Bible is the sole written document given by God, through the agency of divine inspiration upon its authors, and as such it is the final and authoritative voice on all matters of doctrine and practice.
  • We further believe that although human interpretation and application of the Scriptures is fallible, the Scriptures themselves are infallible in content and intent.
  • We believe in the Church, composed of all those who have put their faith in the perfect work of Jesus Christ, and who have been sealed by the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  • We aspire to experience the Church as the Body of Christ, gifted and united, ministering to God and man.